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About Us

We Are A Totally Different Digital Agency

voodoodoodle is a Digital Agency with a big difference. We use the latest research from the world of behavioural psychology to craft brand communications and sales promotions that influence customers at a primal, subconscious level. In this way we can create campaigns that generate huge desire for your products and services and remove the emotional barriers that inhibit the sale. What you will get is beautiful creative that raises your brand value, attracts better quality customers, and converts at the highest rate possible. Our work is scientifically proven to get huge results.


We are


About Us

Meet John, Our CEO

“If you’re into branding; you’re into psychology. If you’re into digital communications; you’re into psychology. If you’re into business development, product management, PR, marketing, design . . . whatever; you’re into psychology. There is no business without people, and psychology is the study of people. voodoodoodle understands this. We study people so that we can influence their behaviour and craft communications that persuade them to buy your products.”

– John speaking at the Direct Commerce Show in London
Customer Profiling

We get inside the heads of your customers to tell you exactly who they are and what psychological needs they have. This is a key point of influence.


We study the personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of your customers to build internal working models of how they think and what they feel.

Buyer Typology

We then fit your customers into one of four main buyer profiles. This will tell us exactly what marketing methods will be effective at persuading your customers to buy.


By now we have a profound understanding of your clients’ key points of influence and we can craft campaigns and messages that appeal to their subconscious desires and soothe their deepest fears.


Our award winning creative team will now turn your strategy into gorgeous designs that capture the attention of your target audience, generate huge desire, and compel them to buy your products and services.


The final stage is to implement the strategy, communicate the core messages, drive sales, measure the impact, and make adjustments to maximise the results.


eCommerce / eMarketing / Strategy

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First Step


Decide precisely who you want to attract. This could be the type of customer you already have. But often it’s the type of customer you wish you had.

Second Step


Use the latest psychological methods to analyse your target audience to discover how they think, feel and act on the deepest possible level.

Third Step


Create stunning designs and digital communications that grab the attention of your target audience and stimulate their most primitive emotional drives.

Fourth Step


Use a profound understanding of your customers needs and desires to communicate with them in intensely personal and persuasive ways.

Founder and CEO

John Davidson

Head of Psychology

Sarah Stephenson

Strategy Director

Denis Kaye

Creative Director

Claire Jennings

Marketing Director

Lora Wellington

Business Development Manager

John Rawley

Client Services Manager

Sara Lane

Project Manager

David Spence


Using the latest scientific techniques to psychologically profile your target audience and identify their core needs and desires


Applying our mastery of behavioural psychology to connect you with your customers on the deepest possible level


Infusing your brand with character, meaning, and purpose to guarantee you a place in the hearts of your customers


Creating stunning visuals that bring the strategy to life, capture attention, and stir up strong emotions of desire


Creating marketing materials in a full range of media, including print, web, video, audio, apps, and games


Providing full-service support for all forms of advertising, including internet, direct mail, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio


Crafting intensely persuasive promotions, offers, and messages that recruit, convert, retain, and reactivate your customers


Optimising your online sales activities to increase basket values, maximise conversions, and boost repeat purchases

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